Course program


We aimed to cover:

  • Loading and manipulating images
  • Image diagnostics
  • Slice time correction by time interpolation
  • Principles and practice of image registration
  • Motion correction for FMRI
  • Inter-modality registration
  • Registration between subjects (spatial normalization)
  • Smoothing
  • The principles of linear regression
  • Principles of convolution (for hemodynamic modeling)
  • Single subject analysis
  • Methods for correcting for multiple comparisons
  • Multisubject analysis and random effects

(we did not cover the multi-subject analyses or multiple comparisons)

Other subjects we considered covering according to time and interest:

  • Connectivity analysis methods
  • Analyzing resting state data
  • Machine learning / classification methods
  • Diffusion imaging principles
  • Diffusion imaging analysis including tractography

(we did not have time for any of these other subjects)

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