Where and when and what?


In the teaching room in the Berkekely brain imaging center (BIC).

You do not need card access to the BIC for the course, we will come and get you to take you to the BIC teaching room (see below).

The BIC is in the basement of the Li Ka Shing center on Berkeley campus.

Go to the west-most entrance of the Li Ka Shing center. The entrance is in the elbow of a small corner on the west side of the building.


This is the view of the corner leading to the entrance, looking South along the west side of the building.


Look for the silver letters “Henry H. Wheeler, Jr. Brain Imaging Center” behind the tall windows at that corner of the building:


Once you get into the Li Ka Shing Center look for the sign next to the elevator on your right.

The elevator and the staircase are controlled by key-card access, so, if you don’t have access to the BIC, please wait at the elevator at 10 am, and one of us (Matthew or JB or Stéfan) will come up and get y’all. We’ll check a few times after that for stragglers.


Please don’t press the bell next to the elevator, it goes direct to the scanner console room, and we can’t hear it from the classroom.


Fridays from 10am to 12 until the end of the spring 2015 semester.


Please bring your laptops. See Software to install for the class for things to install on your laptop.