Day 4: first statistics / version control

3 / 13 / 2015


We finish our git introduction with two short videos:

Introduction to the git working tree, repository and staging area (18 minutes).

The links between git commits, and git branches (9 minutes).


Getting started with version control

  • Starting with version control;
  • Make new git repository;
  • Add module to git repository;
  • Commit;

On the Python path

See Putting modules on the Python path.

Our first pass at FMRI statistics

  • Splitting FMRI time series by slicing;
  • Subtracting on blocks from off blocks;
  • Removing artefacts;
  • Visualizing results.


We start with a type-along session with git.

Then we go on to the usual instructions:

  • cd pna/pna2015
  • git pull
  • cd day4
  • ipython notebook

There is a web page listing of the exercise files at